mary catherine .

This is one of my favorite senior sessions to date. Mary Catherine was such a blast to work with + she was so fun + comfortable in front of the camera. I truly enjoy getting to know the people I get the chance to photograph + capturing their personalities through my lens is such an honor.

Ps I love keeping up with this hip gal's blog + I hope you do too! 

Cheers + xx, Maddy


hannah .

The sweetest senior portraits from this past spring.

A few months ago I got to take Hannah's senior portraits + not only was it a blast, but I also got to know more about her + her heart. She's going to Baylor this fall (which is in like two weeks, I'm just wonderful at procrastinating and waiting months to blog this stunning gal) & I know this girl is going to do big things + bring so much joy to those around her.

i hope you enjoy this city adventure . xx, maddy .

mallory + travis .

Calling dibs has never looked so sweet. While we were walking in the woods I got to hear Mallory + Travis's love story. Their story begins with Mallory texting her friends calling dibs on Travis before even meeting him, but boooy, he's glad she did. These two have been living in different states since they met, but long distance has nothing on them. Mallory + Travis are so kindhearted & loving. Being around them & capturing their sweet engagement was such a breeze.

enjoy & xx .

christmas time at the samperi's .

The sweet Samperi family invited me into their home to capture the sweetest moments of them getting ready for Remi’s first Christmas. Christmas is my favorite time of the year, so being able to capture these moments was such a pleasure.

I got to know Logan + Kali more, which is always the best part of lifestyle (and any sort of) photography. Being able to get to know the people I take photos of makes it more special + genuine to capture real life moments.

When Kali asked me to take their family photos I was pumped, being able to take pictures of another photographer gives me butterflies. I love Kali's style of photography and she has been a photographer that I've admired since before I started photography, so having someone like her see my work and want it makes me feel like my hard work is paying off!

I hope you enjoy these sweet Christmas photos of this stellar Samperi family.



mcconnell's + the treehouse .

If you know me you know that friendships mean the world to me, and if you know Courtney you know the same thing applies to her. Court and I graduated high school together, and after graduation we realized we never had an actual conversation before. Somehow we planned to meet up at Starbucks (go figure) and we talked for three hours nonstop. I remember Court saying "we'll be great friends" and sure enough, here we are.

A few weeks after I (finally) met Courtney she left for school and met this (stellar) dude, Reece. She was so pumped to be leaving for college and was happy to be single, with no plans of meeting a man... funny how things work out. I got to meet Reece pretty early on in their relationship, and boooy he's kind, respectful, and all in all a solid human being. He was everything Courtney needed in a man.

These two lovebirds got married six months ago - it's such an awesome opportunity to watch couples walk & grow together and to keep Christ at the center of it all - and I got the chance to capture them as "newlyweds".

These moments, the newness of their marriage, are fleeting fast. Soon these two will be three or four - or maybe eight, who knows - but this is their time for just the two of them. I'm overjoyed when I get to be a part of sweet moments like these and make them last forever.